Sports & Equine Therapy 


"Leah has been treating my advanced dressage horse for the past couple of years. She has made a really positive difference to his well-being and overall performance. We have very much worked as a team to relate his issues to his way of going and formulate a structured work plan.

I have recommended Leah to a number of my clients and seen a positive difference in their horses."

Charlotte Holes, Freelance Riding Instructor

"Leah has worked on our horse Bluey many times, she has found and addressed any problems he has, mainly in his hind quarters which to us had shown as a back problem, Leah identified the problem straight away and her magic hands soon sorted him out. She gives plenty of advice and exercises to maintain and improve Bluey in his performance for Dressage and Jumping. 

Leah has also worked on myself and my two daughters, between us we have back/knee /feet problems, Leah re-alined my daughters patellas which had given her constant pain for 2 years .  
Very highly recommended."

Liz and Bluey

"Leah has been treating my horses for approximately 2 years. I moved up from Devon 2 and a half years ago and left my network of horsey professionals behind. I was worried that I would never find another physio like I had in Devon! Having moved to a big yard of 80+ horses I was soon recommended Leah. I event my horses and like to know that they are in good shape with their workload and that I am doing things correctly.
From our first session with Leah, I was confident that I had found a committed, confident and extremely knowledgeable physio for my horses. Any doubts or worries with my horses way of going are worked on via massage and always explained in a confident manner and I know that we are in good hands. I am very guided by Leah and have complete confidence that my horses are working correctly and comfortably between visits. I would have no hesitation in recommending Leah to anyone that I know within my equine circle."

Amanda and Missy and Indi

"When I picked up my 'new horse' in April 2013 he was in a pretty sorry state having been turned away a few years back.  At 15 yrs young I knew I had a lot of work to do to get him back to full work and competition fit.  
Leah Clarke came out within days of him arriving and worked on him weekly to ensure that the muscle we were building was in the right place and developing evenly.  She was unfazed by his kicking and then, when he was strong enough, his barging. Having weaned me off her weekly visits she now sees him every 6 weeks for maintenance and will continue as competition work increases and his veteran years draw in.  
She has been an essential part of the team that has kept this little horse sound and her calm manner and insightfulness alongside her skills as a practitioner are second to none. 
I can't recommend her highly enough."
Bella and Sammy


"I have had some amazing results with my horses after Leah's treatments. Always friendly and professional. The horses love it and she treats the whole horse not just parts. Definitely recommend if your horse needs treatment."

Tina - Livery Yard Owner

"Leah has worked her magic touch on all my showjumpers and is very thorough from head to tail taking her time working through the problem areas . The horses show through their expressions & movements how they benefit from the treatment and at the same time Leah is giving verbal advice on how to continue working them to get the most out of the horses . Very professional , approachable and always does a consistently good job."

Natasha, Showjumper and Freelance Coach

"Leah is extremely knowledgeable and professional, beautifully tempered with a really kind manner that just makes you feel that your horse is important (because he is of course!). 
No question too silly and no request too random, her experience and understanding is fantastic but her beside manner is second to none. My WIllyBob loves Leah’s visits, she makes him go all gooey. 
He came to me 18mths ago rather stiff, with a very dipped and sensitive back and very little muscle. Leah has been my "go-to-girl" to help me ensure my boy feels the very best he can. He’s my 14 years young super cob with a heart of gold so I owe it to him, even if we mainly hack out. 
Leah treats the problem but also looks at the whole picture, sharing with you what may help maintain a condition or eventually (and hopefully) cure/avoid the problem to allow you to manage your horses conformation quirks/difficulties/injuries whether they be old tried and tested ways or new advancements… Whatever it takes…"
Emma and Will

"I've owned my stressy sports horse, Billy, for 5 years now. 
Tension has always been a major issue; I had to learn to manage separation anxiety and keeping his weight on, but a recent increase in workload made it clear that he was beginning to struggle with what I was asking from him. 
I knew the right rein was an issue and was concerned about his back as he would throw his head and argue when I asked for lateral movement and he would rush in canter. 
I had his saddle and teeth checked and everything was fine, so I contacted Leah. 
Leah carried out an incredibly thorough, hands on investigation and was able to isolate the problem. Tension in his bum and neck had made him extremely tight in his way of going. The difference after that first session was incredible; he was more supple and fluid in his movement and so much more relaxed. He's even had some recent success in the show and dressage arenas, qualifying for the summer Chiltern and Thames championships in both, something I couldn't have dared imagine beforehand.
Billy doesn't just let anyone touch his neck. Leah takes her time to get to know the horse and treats them as she would her own. I now ask Leah to see Billy regularly for follow up treatments, I think it's important to maintain his muscular health, especially as I demand more from him. 
He is always noticeably more relaxed, I think he quite enjoys her visits!"
Natalie and Billy